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I just happened upon your Skagit Valley Fare cookbook. I really like how you wove in the history of the place and the diverse people, and stories of the recipes and THEIR heritage, too. I'm going to make my first recipe from the book tonight! Thank you for writing it with such love.
-- Linda Anderson, 8/4/20

Just got your skagit valley fare cookbook. I love it! We live in bellingham but husband has recently bought a dental practice in Burlington and we are spending more and more time there and loving it. When I see the names of contributors of recipes it makes me wonder if we will one day cross paths . Thanks for writing this.
-- Julia Gage, 6/19/20

"Poetry and Photography" to follow, I hope.
-- Dana Ericson, 8/2/16

Great to paint with you...I learned a lot, especially to respect the breakage of "rules" in an abstract frame of reference.
-- Dana Ericson, 8/2/16

Lovely work, Lavone! It was great painting with you this week! :)
-- Eli Lara, 7/22/16

I've so enjoyed watching your work for almost 37 years now. You are a master.
-- Sandy Carter, 6/18/16

Love you website.
-- Glenn Bordner, 6/18/16

Your website looks great! Now, all your friends and followers will be able to enjoy and appreciate your artwork and gardens.
-- Sylvia Strong, 5/27/16

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