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Just got your skagit valley fare cookbook. I love it! We live in bellingham but husband has recently bought a dental practice in Burlington and we are spending more and more time there and loving it. When I see the names of contributors of recipes it makes me wonder if we will one day cross paths . Thanks for writing this.
-- Julia Gage, 6/19/20

"Poetry and Photography" to follow, I hope.
-- Dana Ericson, 8/2/16

Great to paint with you...I learned a lot, especially to respect the breakage of "rules" in an abstract frame of reference.
-- Dana Ericson, 8/2/16

Lovely work, Lavone! It was great painting with you this week! :)
-- Eli Lara, 7/22/16

I've so enjoyed watching your work for almost 37 years now. You are a master.
-- Sandy Carter, 6/18/16

Love you website.
-- Glenn Bordner, 6/18/16

Your website looks great! Now, all your friends and followers will be able to enjoy and appreciate your artwork and gardens.
-- Sylvia Strong, 5/27/16

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